Crystallines 2005, Vallauris, France, April 2 - May 8

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Daniel Winter

Murielle Valladier

Catherine Torres

Bernhard Scharf

Algimantas Patamsis

William Melstrom

Matthieu Lievois

Lois Ann Helgeson

Avril Farley

Diane Creber

Rosaria Biadici

Historic Gilbert Metenier Porcelain

Interior, L'Espace Grandjean

Interior, L'Espace Grandjean

Willy Van Bussel

Marc Uzan

Rod & Denyse Simair
Winner of Judge's Grand Prix

Jon Price

Angelika & Gerd Panten

Ilene Mahler

Georges Lanteri

Alain Fichot
Winner of "People's Choice" Balloted Award

Laurent D'Apolito

Denis Caraty

Gilles Bouttaz, historic Sevres porcelain

Exterior, L'Espace Grandjean

Webmaster's Disclaimer:
The existing lighting in the gallery made shooting some of the artist's displays extremely difficult. With a few exceptions, each display was shot only once. I have done my best to faithfully reproduce each artist's work. I apologize for any poor or unflattering images.




A few artist's work was particularly
noteworthy. Please continue:

Angelika & Gerd Panten

These folks take the prize for the most incredible crystals. Some of the crystals were six and seven inches in diameter! Many were very nearly completely isolated. The crystals were very deep, lustrous, shimmering and three-dimensional. The grounds were glossy and glassy. There were no distracting secondary or misshapen "baby" crystals in the background. The pastel colors were beautiful.

There's always room for improvement, right? A little more variety of shapes and colors would be nice.

Outstanding work!

Alain Fichot

Silver crystals on a black ground are always striking.

These bowl-like forms were "footless" - the bottoms were completely glazed. No glaze was applied to the interiors, and the pieces were fired upside-down, supported on unglazed "phalluses." After firing, gold leaf was applied to the interiors.

Monsieur Fichot's reduced copper red crystals were also interesting.

Marc Uzan

Pleasant semi-matte surfaces.

Very nice pastel colors.

Outstanding growth rings, with amazing contrast and color variety between the crystal interiors, the growth rings and the backgrounds.

Matthieu Lievois

Nice reduced copper reds.

Denis Caraty

Another good example of silver crystals on a black ground.

Denis "The Eggman" Caraty casts his forms.

Denis maintains the biggest French-language ceramics information site for artists at: . It contains thousands of articles and recipes, many of which are translated into English.


William Melstrom

Hey, I built this page, so I get to include a
couple of extra images of my own work, right?



Hope you enjoyed the show!