Featured Crystalline-Glazed Artwork

A detailed look at new, selected work for sale.

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Vase, 7" dia. x 5-1/2" tall, $88. sold The only colorant added to the glaze of this piece is copper carbonate, however I think that the color was considerably influenced by residual silver nitrate in my kiln. The normally green copper has been partially reduced, yielding a myriad of pastel yellows, greens, pinks and oranges. There are very nice variegated flow patterns from the top to the bottom (called a hare's fur effect). The wide neck affords a good view of the large, luminescent interior sea-green crystals. Click on images to enlarge.


Vase, 5" dia. x 4" tall, $67 sold

Remarkable petal-like crystals that look like they were sculpted.

The interior consists of white on white crystals with just a touch of color.

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(Right): Rarely seen burgundy crystals on a green background.


Golden Silver Plate, 10-3/4 x 9-1/4", NFS
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This amazing piece looks like it was cast from pure gold.

I have done my best to capture its metallic iridescence in the detail photographs. Slightly different lighting in the top two photos in an attempt to completely and faithfully capture its beauty.

Pieces like this beg me to curl up with them in an easy chair so that I can read them like a book. The more you look, the more you see.


Wavy-rim silver platter, 10 x 13" $175
The best silver piece that I have produced to date. The surface is both mirror-like and iridescent, and is actual, metallic, silver.

Once again, the silver surface absolutely defies being photographed. Imagine trying to photograph the reflective quality of a mirror. The three details below were photographed with different lighting in an attempt to capture the look of the silver.

This piece MUST be seen in person to be appreciated. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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Glass-Bottomed Crystalline Bowl,
9" diameter x 2-1/4" high, $65 sold

The piece was formed with a sort of "reservoir" in the center, in which glass fragments are placed prior to firing. In the kiln the glass melts into a pool and mixes with running, flowing glaze. Upon cooling, the glass hardens, contracts and fractures, producing the interesting patterns seen in the detail photo.


Sprig Vase, 4 1/2" dia. x 5" high, $44 sold

A sprig is an added, applied decoration. This vase has two triangular sprigs, each of which has three impressed depressions or dots.
This unusually-shaped bulbous vase has an articulated collar, nice cobalt drips flowing down from the lip, and fields of very nice, small yellow, dot-like secondary crystals.

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